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We understand your concern in shipping beautiful antiques. We consider it our job to ensure the safe arrival of your piece and will do anything we can to that end. We will handle all aspects from our end----you will have nothing to do in this regard. Our shipping procedures include the following:

1. Small pieces such as a vase, jewelry, and toys---We normally pack these items ourselves and ship via USPS Priority Mail. We charge you nothing for our time, just a small amount for packing materials. Naturally, we recommend full insurance on the piece.

2. Smaller items, but very fragile, such as a lamp, marble statue, etc.----we require professional packing and normally ship via UPS. We will get the exact quote for you, which will include full insurance.

3. Furniture---we use two methods for which you may choose one.

1. Often I use a private furniture shipper for antique furniture. This person will travel the country each month or so picking up and delivering antiques. The piece will be blanket wrapped and travel in his truck. They unwrap and setup the piece in your home when they arrive. They are considerably less expensive than freight companies. Usually 4-8 weeks depending on your location. I use this means for most of our furniture and they are careful, reliable, and professional. You will have a firm quote on the cost.

2. Crating and freight delivery. This would be a national firm which will build a crate for your particular item. They will then ship it via a truck freight line to your area. Upon arrival in your area, they will call you for delivery to your home. These freight companies generally deliver to the sidewalk of your home. It is your responsibility to unwrap and bring the piece into your home. This is an extremely safe way to ship as is number 1 above; in fact, we have never had a claim using this method. It is, however, more expensive than #1 above but normally faster to your home.

A few final words.. We have had extremely good results in shipping both large and small items. We will take care of everything for you---at no additional charge for you.

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